The Staff

The Teacher
My name is Chantal. I have always had a passion for teaching and connecting with children. At the young age of twelve, I was the neighborhood babysitter. I have been blessed with employment opportunities with Child Protective Services, Group Homes, Foster Homes, Respite Homes and both the Public and Catholic School Boards. I have a Diploma in Child and Youth Work, a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a Bachelor’s Degree in Education. During my journey I have been extremely touched by numerous little children and teenagers. These experiences have definitely inspired me as a parent to strive to preserve the innocent, curious and genius spirit that each child is born with. With all of my educational background and experience in pursuit of my heart’s passion, it isn’t until now that I can confidently say that I have found my true calling. Having created a little family of our own has helped me to ground my roots into the soil and spread my wings, and soar.

The Supply Teacher
Meet Pat. He is a part-time Supply Teacher because he is so busy building the already successful martial arts schools that he owns and operates. Pat has known since a very young age that he had a genuine passion for martial arts. He is a self-taught entrepreneur that exudes determination and decisiveness. He sets his goals high and achieves them. He is an open-minded individual that truly believes that nothing is impossible. During the infancy of his first martial arts school, he actually resided there. I remember people would ask me where he lived and I would vaguely say “in the west end of the city”. In actuality he slept at his work. He educated himself and he took action by diving right into the waters. Today he owns several martial arts schools in the city and he is a Consultant to other people in the industry. Pat is a history and geography buff with a keen interest in military history. The business has provided ample travel opportunities including Afghanistan, Israel, Dubai, Ukraine and Guam. He loves to drive long distances and has directed our family’s love of road tripping!

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