After my surgery, I was at home recovering and I decided to go out for a neighborhood walk with the dog.  I deliberately chose to wear a vibrant colored shirt to put forth a mindful effort to elevate my mood.  We live nearby a beautiful park with tennis courts, green space, plenty of mature trees, benches and gazebos.  As I walked up the shady path, my ears captured sounds coming from all over the park.  I could hear an intense exchange at the tennis courts as the ball would bounce off of the racquets with a purpose.  I could hear children’s squeals and laughter very faintly in the far background and then right beside me to my left about thirty feet away a woman’s voice distinctly commanded my attention.  She was leading a group meeting and she asked everyone to “please stand for a moment of silence”.  It was a small gathering of less than twenty people and they all stood together gathered under the gazebo.  I was only about twenty feet away and I felt uncomfortable continuing my walk as they stood there still with their heads bowed down in silence.  Since I was in a state of mourning myself, I was intrigued.  I couldn’t help but wonder what they might be gathered together for.  I noticed a banner hanging across the gazebo, but I was not able to read it from my angle.  I sat down at a nearby bench with the dog and the lady began to sing, what I assumed was some type of a hymn. Their gathering ended and the small group quickly dispersed.  I continued to sit on the bench wondering where they were from and what they were gathered for.  I contemplated walking around once again to at least read the banner to know what group they represented.  Instead, I decided to stand up and walk back towards home.

My curious nature has often created a habit of asking lots of questions in my mind and trying to figure things out as to why things are just so at times.  I have come to know that answers will be revealed when the timing is perfect and that sometimes there is just no explanation for why things are so.  I have made it a practice of mine to take responsibility for my own actions and stop racking my brain to try to figure things out all of the time.

Several years ago, I was seeking guidance from a spiritual advisor.  This individual helped me tremendously at the time and, to my knowledge, continues to be a great source of light and healing to many others.  One afternoon, I was sitting with her in her cozy office and somehow our conversation led to her expressing something to me.  She said that the one thing that she had a difficult time grasping was when bad things happen to children.  Of course, I empathized with her, as most people could.  She used a very specific example about a tragic death of a toddler that had recently occurred in our area.  She continued that angels are living among us that have the ability to stop a bullet or lock a door, so why she asked would they have not stepped in at any point for that little toddler.   I concurred that angels are living among us and can offer supernatural assistance in times of need.  All I could express was that there are things that happen in our world sometimes that we just can not explain or fully comprehend.  There was a long pause in our conversation and then she snapped back into her leadership role and said that if she had the time and energy to get a hold of a complete file of their history, that she would be able to grasp clues or hints as to why this tragedy had to occur karmically.  And right there is where I slammed on the brakes to a screeching, rubber burning halt!  Even though I did agree that she might be able to gather some pieces to the puzzle, I did not believe that she could figure out all of the answers to the world.  Regardless of one’s education, beliefs or background, there is no person walking Earth with all of the answers.  There is some mystery left in this world and it is our duty to believe that there is a Higher Power in control of things and that His plan is nothing short of perfection.  For now, we are all a part of a bigger, perfectly oiled machine and I personally believe that if we continue to serve the Higher Power that is in control, that all things may be revealed to us in perfect Divine timing.  For truly, we are all children here.