As one can imagine the chores, the dishes and the laundry never ever end around here!  It can feel very overwhelming at times, especially because I do not have the luxury of a nanny anymore since the move to Florida.  I do often try to include the kids in chores to encourage a team effort…

The other day, I was home with the two youngest sisters, Bella and Brandy.  We went for a stroll to the park and had lunch together and finally Brandy settled into her crib for a nap.  This nap time was where I had eagerly planned in my head to catch up on laundry and clean out the three bathrooms.  Right as I walked to go towards the laundry room to fold the clothes, Bella expressed that she wanted to paint. “Oh Bella” I began, “mommy just got Brandy down for her nap and I really need to do the laundry and clean the bathrooms”.  She tilted her head downwards and had a very sad look on her face.  I knew that she had been truly relishing in our time together all morning.  “Oh ok” she said, though clearly disappointed… Then that story of the two sisters Mary and Martha from the Bible popped into my head (as it so very often does).  It stopped me in my tracks.

Mary and Martha were blessed with the opportunity to host a dinner with Jesus. Mary sat at His feet during dinner to take in His every word….While Martha bustled about the house doing chores. At one point, Martha spoke to Jesus as though she was a victim being left with all of the chores while her sister did not contribute. He reminded her that her priorities were misaligned. This story really hits me deep as a busy mother and always reminds me of what is truly important.

In an instant, there was nothing else on Earth that I would rather be doing than painting with our little Bella… What a perfect opportunity to bond!  I steeped myself a cup of tea and we set up a painting spot outside on the sunny deck.  We shared some magical moments painting and creating together as birds chirped in the background…  She painted a watermelon and a pineapple.  For the green stem portion of the pineapple, we decided to get our fingernails dirty.  She dropped the paintbrush and we painted each other’s hands for handprints, which together made the most perfectly spiked topper!