One of the most intimate things that we can do as human beings is share stories and hold space for others as they share stories.  Storytelling is one of the most ancient traditions and holds an integral part of our cultures.  Some stories have been passed on for generations and new stories are always taking shape. 

We have been focusing on sharing stories here at the Cooligan Academy as we continue with encouraging language development.

We are always trying to encourage the magic of reading.

As the oldest sibling, Renzo is a great advocate for a love of reading and he can power through books faster than me!

We absolutely encourage reading books as well as sharing stories with others.

We have been using these “Tell me a story” cards lately to inspire creative storytelling.  But you can get super creative and gather a few items and place them in a bag and pull one out to start creating a story… some items that I have used have been a pink feather, a straw and a rock…. pretty much anything can be used to inspire a creative story… just pull out something and start sharing!

In the last week, we have initiated a very new and exciting storytelling program that has been extraordinarily successful.  Each night, before bed, Pat shares a short biography about an interesting or inspiring person.  He has an incredible memory for details and a deep passion for history, which makes his story telling intriguing for the kids…. and for myself!  So far, we have been gifted with the story of Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Ghandi and General Douglas MacArthur.  His intense passion and connection to the stories come out as he recalls the details and these moments have been incredibly special for Team Cooligan.  We are very grateful for the contributions that Pat offers to the Academy.

A quote from Ghandi, you must be the change you wish to see in the world.