I remember in high school a friend of mine was upset that her boyfriend at the time wanted to go away for a weekend.  She was not willing to grant him the permission to go.  I remember the conversation so vividly because the entire situation was very frustrating for me!  I had difficulty being a supportive friend to her.  I just could not wrap my head around why she would not let him go?  At the time, I remember casually saying oh come on, it’s just a harmless weekend of golf!  But she was persistent that she did not want to let him go.  For the most part, I simply bit my tongue on this topic.  Ultimately, the relationship between them ended and they moved on to other partners.  It was sad for me when they split because I really did felt like he was a great catch for her.

Now, I find myself with a husband who has created an entire business empire with his passion…  This comes with many sacrifices though.  Believe me, we have certainly been through our share of challenges, but I truly never want to deter him from pursuing his dreams and reaching his full potential.  I do feel that he feels the same compassion towards me.  After all, free will is a God given right that comes from the Ultimate source of Love.


This is the fourteenth consecutive year for Pat to be in Los Angeles at the Walter Pyramid (aka Fighting Pyramid) for the BJJ Worlds.  

Last year, the birth of Brandy was stressful for him because he did not know if he could go to the tournament until the last couple of days.  Brandy ended up graving us with an early presence and he was able to go.  She was just 24 hours old and he was on a plane to LAX!!  

I was home with a newborn and four other children to care for…  One might think that this is perhaps unfair or strange, but I actually encouraged him to go.  I remember looking into his eyes and feeling the stress that he felt in the situation.  I could see that he was torn but  I knew in my heart that if I honestly said that I needed his help, he would have stayed… for family always comes first.  But I was also aware that the guilt of holding him back would just eat up at me!  So, I mustered up all of my poise and strength and assured him that I could do it… and gladly!

I just splurged on a great weekend with the three girls while the boys enjoyed the tournament.  Brooke and I have found a new passion for jewelry making and the boys continue to hone their passion for the sport of jiujitsu. 

Sure, I have to reel Pat in sometimes to put down his device and connect with me.    If you can practice spending ever present time with one another, then you don’t really need much of it (five minutes even).  It’s a daily practice and a common challenge, but this marriage thing takes work!  And we have a whole Team to guide now!…