This morning, the two boys woke up before the sun to catch a plane to the west coast!  

They met With Pat in LA for the JiuJitsu World Championship!

I am so grateful that the boys are together safe and sound.  This is the Worlds 2017 and our team has several competitors.  This weekend is always sure to spark learning, passion and inspiration to the team!

So, since I’m here with the three girls, it’s all rainbows and unicorns!

We started the day with some shopping at Disney Springs!

A couple of days ago a little Gecko was seen in our van!  Me and the kids tried to get it out, but it was way to fast and slick! Every time we would go in the van for the last 72 hours, we would see him and he would scurry into some crack or crevasse and we eventually just succumbed to the Florida lizard and left him alone. 

Today, when we arrived at Disney Springs, I popped open the stroller and placed Brandy in.  Wouldn’t you know, that little lizard hopped off the visor and right onto Brandy (she didn’t even flinch) and he scurried off to the Disney playground.  Brooke and I giggled that the little guy was just waiting this whole time to be dropped off at Disney!  We laughed at the adventures he might have…

The girls convinced me to purchase a couple of lego sets from the lego store (they totally know that I have a weakness for books and legos)!

We grabbed some Menchies for lunch, at the request of Brooke.. 

Overall, we had a fabulous Girl Day here in Orlando!